Northern Wisconsin Musky Opener Report

Musky season is off to a great start in the Northern Zone! After a slow start to my Southern season, I headed north with the Musky Fool Crew for a big fish hunt on huge water. 

Fish were shallow, lazy, and still spawning, but we managed to bag an absolute giant by sliding off of the shallow spawning grounds and covering staging areas, looking for a reaction strike. A natural gold and white fly was the ticket. 

From there, I headed to Northwest Wisconsin. Green weeds, green muskies was the name of the game. Fish seem to have pushed through the spawn into early summer patterns on the small lakes. The bite was very reliable on these smaller waters, with temps in the upper 60s by midday. 

Fish were more scattered on the bigger systems and temps were a bit tougher, with slightly colder water. We managed a couple on the bigger stained flowages near spawning areas in the warmest water we could find. Bright colors were working well on stained water. 

Good luck to everyone this season!

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