Guide Trips

Guide Trips

Our specialty is big trophy musky on the fly.

Now Offering a Full Selection of Guide Trips

Tailored to show you how amazing the fisheries of Wisconsin truly are. From driftless spring creeks teaming with insect life, to smallmouth bass crushing streamers, we truly have it all. Come join us!

Float Trips

Muskies are native to the river systems here in Wisconsin. Come join us on a float trip in some of the most beautiful places in the state, all for a chance at a trophy.

$550 for full day, 1-2 anglers.

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Lakes & Big Water

Wisconsin is home to more musky lakes than one person could fish in a whole lifetime. Join us in the boat as we adventure into musky country for a shot at one of these lake monsters.

$550 for full day, 1-2 anglers.

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Build A custom trip

Group trips, multi day excursions, hosted trips...the list goes on. If you are interested in a little more tailored experience reach out to get something going!

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Getting ready for a trip with Musky Fool

If it were easy, everyone would do it. We are chasing apex predators, hunting them in fact. It takes a total Musky Fool mentality. Are you ready?

1. Submit a Booking Request.

2. We give you a call to discuss and finalize details. A $100 deposit is required to hold your date.

3. Prior to your trip, you pay the full booking fee balance and sign a liability waiver (required for every guest).

4. In the few days leading up to your trip, we will confirm logistics (meetup location & time, conditions to prepare for, etc).

We are after trophy fish. Especially, when it comes to Musky, this is not for the faint of heart! Oh yeah and its also with a fly rod which we will be casting non-stop all day for maybe only a few chances at an eat. If your success metric for a guide day is catching a bunch of fish, this is not the trip for you. If you cannot cast an 8wt consistently 40-60ft all day and figure 8 after each cast than musky fly fishing trips are going to be very very difficult.

If you are looking to get started with something less intimidating than musky on the fly we are happy to make some recommendations for some bass guides.

For every trip it is still best to be as well prepared as you can. Our guides spend countless hours in prepartion and you are spending your hard earned money. Taking some time fishing or casting before hand, having the right clothes/equipment, and coming with a positive attitude make a world of difference!

If you are still reading and think you got what it takes then let's get in the boat and get after it!

- All fishing rods, reels, line, terminal tackle, and flies will be provided, but you are more than welcome to bring your own gear and flies if desired. If you are looking to get outfitted ahead of your trip, please call the shop!

- Wisconsin Fishing License

- Rain, wind, and cold-weather gear -especially if the forecast suggests Mother Nature will rear her head!

- Hat & polarized sunglasses. Polarized glasses are an absolute must for fishing.

- Waders and Boots (trip dependent)

- Sunscreen and Bug Spray

- Water Bottle (No glass allowed on the boat)

- Any personal medication, snacks, etc that you need to feel comfortable for the day. Please keep personal gear to one bag.

You are able to cancel up to 30 days before your trip for a full refund, otherwise we will look to reschedule you for your preferred available date. Ultimately, we want to get you on the water and will do everything we can to make it happen.

We run trips all over Wisconsin and will suggest specific lodging recommendations based on your trip location.

If you have any special requests, medical conditions, or food allergies, please let us know ahead of time so we can prepare accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

All trips require a $100 deposit to hold your date.

Yes - we fish for just about everything in Wisconsin and have some really unique offerings for trout, bass, and carp as well as our speciality, musky!

We are interested in chasing big predators on a fly rod because we think it works better. That simple. If you want to bring your conventional gear, that's fine. Just don't blame us when your friend catches more fish.

Yes, the goal of the guide trip is to maximize the time fishing. You never know when the window will open. It is highly recommended to practice casting beforehand. We are here at the shop if you want help or a 1:1 lesson!

Tips are not included in your fee to Musky Fool. Please tip your guide directly. A recommended tip is 20%.

We will provide all gear needed to fish, but you are more than welcome to bring your own. Pack sparingly! The guide has the final call on what can be brought in the boat.

We never know when a good bite is going to come together. As such, we will try our best to get on the water in all conditions. If safety is a concern we will reschedule.

Yes, please reach out and we can put something special together!

Stay tuned for Musky Fool hosted trips in the future.

Frankly, it will be a very challenging day and we do not recommend it. We are excited about your interest in musky and fly fishing and would be thrilled to help you get started as a new fly angler. We recommend a bass or trout trip! We promise it will be a lot more fun and in no time you will be ready to face off with a musky!

Don't take it personally....or maybe you should... We don't really know and spend most of our waking hours puzzling over the same question. Muck Fusky is what we came up with.

Yes, every single time. After three trout sets we are not responsible or liable for any of the guide's behavior towards you...