Reck-N-Rack Bump Board Blemished
Reck-N-Rack Bump Board Blemished

Reck-N-Rack Bump Board Blemished

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These are identical to the Reck-n-Rack Bump Board with just a slight curve in the tail end of the bump board. Everything else is top-notch!

Brand new bump boards from Reck-N-Rack, made right here in Wisconsin.

These bump boards are made from the highest quality materials and come with a pretty sweet design. Each board is made from high grade marine plastic which makes it float and not absorb water, stains, fish slime, etc. It also has the measurements and logos etched directly into the board which means incredible measurement accuracy on each board and long lasting durability.

Last but definitely not least, they come in the all black model!!!


  • Marine grade-plastic board - easily wipeable, stain-resistant, and antimicrobial.

  • 1/4” measurements, permanently etched directly into the board starting at 30 inches

  • high-quality stainless steel hinges for superior durability.

  • Measurement up to 60”

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