Musky Fool Musky Martian Poster

Musky Fool Musky Martian Poster

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Do you believe?

Now available in a 16x20 poster. Frame not included.

It’s half the battle when chasing trophy muskies. It eats at your mind and makes you feel a bit crazy. Just like a good UFO alien story, we often hear the stories of that giant musky someone saw somewhere…. never to be caught or confirmed. Are they even real?! We ask ourselves often.

While muskies aren’t cloaked in government classified archives like aliens, they do share one thing in common. They make us go out on faith and hope, testing our belief in what is real and what is truly just a legend.

As such, we came up with a new design to celebrate that exact level of foolish belief we all share. Enter the Musky Martian. 

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