Musky Fool World Record Poster

Musky Fool World Record Poster

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Now available in a 16x20 poster. Frame not included.

There are undisputed GOATs and even legendary world record fish stories… and then there is Louis Spray. A name forever etched in the annals of musky fishing lore as “one of” the current holders of the World Record Musky mantel with his 69lb 11oz dinosaur of a fish caught somewhere in Wisconsin. An unbelievable fish, possibly quite literally. But despite all the legend and mystery that surrounds it, anglers have flocked to these waters for another shot at the champ ever since. Even when we might not know the answers to the most basic of questions.  Where was the fish actually caught? Was it tampered with? Did Louis even catch it? Why haven’t we seen fish of that size since? So many questions, that we will probably never have answers to. One thing's for sure though, as far as musky world records go…it’s Spray’s house and we're just living in it.

Worth noting that we don't condone or support vertically holding Muskies. The times have changed. We also don't shoot them with pistols anymore!

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