Umpqua TMC 200R
Umpqua TMC 200R

Umpqua TMC 200R

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This straight-eye nymph and dry fly hook incorporates a gradually sloping bend (Organic Bend) to better imitate curved insect bodies. Because the TMC200R is 3X-long with a sloping bend, the hook point has been semi-dropped for better hook penetration and holding. Offered in a large range of sizes, this hook is great for stonefly imitations, hoppers, stimulators, and general nymphs. Sold in packs of 25 or 100 hooks.

- Dry Flies & Nymphs

- 3X Long

- Standard Wire

- Straight eye

- Organic Bend

- Semi-dropped point

- Forged, Bronze

- #04-#22

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