Umpqua Black Death Fly

Umpqua Black Death Fly

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Experience the unmatched allure of the Black Death Fly from Umpqua, a formidable choice for anglers targeting the most challenging game fish. This dark and deadly pattern, designed for stealth and enticement, is your secret weapon for pursuing species like tarpon, snook, and big saltwater predators. The Black Death Fly combines a sleek, black silhouette with enticing materials that create a subtle, yet irresistible movement in the water, mimicking the prey of these predatory fish. Its robust construction ensures durability against tough bites and saltwater conditions. Whether you're casting in the flats or navigating the mangroves, the Black Death Fly from Umpqua, with its proven effectiveness and seductive design, is a must-have in your arsenal for turning elusive targets into remarkable catches.

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