Umpqua Bonefish Scampi Bead Chain Fly

Umpqua Bonefish Scampi Bead Chain Fly

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Umpqua Bonefish Scampi Bead Chain

Master the flats with the Umpqua Bonefish Scampi Bead Chain, a creation that combines precision design with unmatched effectiveness for bonefish anglers. This fly, featuring a realistic shrimp pattern, is engineered to mimic the natural prey of bonefish, making it irresistible to these elusive targets. Its bead chain eyes provide the perfect sink rate, ensuring the fly stays in the feeding zone longer, enhancing your chances of a strike.

Designed for clarity and stealth, the Bonefish Scampi comes in a range of colors to match any flats environment, from sandy bottoms to grassy areas. Durable and tested in diverse waters, this fly is a must-have for any serious bonefish angler looking to increase their catch rate.

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