Umpqua Freaky Frog Fly

Umpqua Freaky Frog Fly

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The Umpqua Freaky Frog is designed as a topwater fly, perfect for enticing aggressive strikes from bass and other freshwater predators. This fly features a realistic frog profile with prominent legs that produce a significant disturbance in the water, mimicking the natural movements of a frog. The buoyant and durable materials used in its construction ensure it sits high on the water, making it visible and effective during the retrieve.

This fly excels in weedy or lily-covered environments where frogs are common, and it can provoke explosive topwater action as predatory fish attack what they perceive as vulnerable prey. Its design incorporates elements that ensure durability and long-lasting use, even after repeated aggressive strikes from large fish.

The Freaky Frog is a must-have for anglers who enjoy the thrill of topwater fishing and are looking to increase their success with a fly that offers both realistic action and robust construction.

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