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Umpqua Mayer's Mini Leech Fly

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Umpqua Mayer's Mini Leech Fly

The Umpqua Mayer's Mini Leech, designed by renowned angler Landon Mayer, is a testament to the effectiveness of simplicity in fly fishing. This compact yet highly effective pattern is a staple for targeting trout in a variety of waters. Its streamlined design allows for a natural, undulating movement in the water, closely mimicking the behavior of a real leech. The Mayer's Mini Leech is tied with a soft, lifelike material that ensures it pulsates with every strip, triggering instinctive strikes from wary fish. Available in black and in sizes suited for both stillwater and stream environments, this fly can be fished year-round and is especially effective during overcast conditions when leeches are most active. Whether you're fishing a slow-moving pool or a fast-paced river, the Mayer's Mini Leech is a must-have for discerning anglers seeking versatility and proven results.

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