Umpqua Rasta Puff Fly

Umpqua Rasta Puff Fly

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Introducing the Rasta Puff Fly by Umpqua, a vibrant and effective creation from the innovative mind of renowned fly tier, Doug McKnight. Drawing inspiration from the spirited Rastafarian culture, this fly stands out with its bold colors and puff-like appearance, designed to mimic a range of aquatic and terrestrial prey. Ideal for anglers targeting diverse species across both freshwater and saltwater, the Rasta Puff, crafted by McKnight, combines durability with a unique presentation that fish find irresistible. Whether you're casting for bonefish on sunlit flats or pursuing bass in shadowed streams, Doug McKnight's Rasta Puff Fly is your ticket to a successful day on the water. Don't miss adding this eye-catching and versatile fly to your collection.

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