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MFC Smethhurst's Hemorrhoidal Mouse

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Frank Smethurst's Hemorrhoidal Mouse

We carry this in the smaller size #6 for the small streams of the Driftless region. The pearl core braid tail throws an extra shimmer for those full moon nights and the spun deer hair and foam body keeps it riding high. 

From Smethurst-

"Long before the film Eastern Rises, the Hemorrhoidal Mouse is the fly that I created while guiding in Alaska, and also to win the U.S. Flyfishing Masters.  In the Masters, a tourney held all over America in the early 2000’s, the Hemmorhoidal Mouse allowed us to raise one big fish after another and we were the only anglers fishing a mouse.  I first tied the fly as a guide in Bristol Bay Alaska, and the hot butt of the fly serves to help further attract those fish that need an extra visual and eggy trigger.  Kind of a hot spot as seen from below.  Those fish that smash an indicator or just prefer something eggy are a big influence on the creation of the HM, and its now proven all over the lower 48 for Bass Trout, Pike and Steelhead as well as Alaska and of course Kamchatka and anywhere else that Mice are a thing."

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