Umpqua Flyer Dry Fly Hat

Umpqua Flyer Dry Fly Hat

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The Umpqua Flyer Dry Fly is a top-tier choice for anglers targeting surface-feeding fish. Precisely tied to mimic the delicate and often irresistible characteristics of natural floating insects, this fly is engineered to present itself authentically on the water. Its buoyant design ensures it rides high, making it easily visible to both the angler and fish, while the fine-tuned hackle and wings provide a lifelike silhouette.

Available in a variety of sizes and patterns to match local hatches, the Umpqua Flyer Dry Fly is versatile enough to entice a wide range of species, from discerning trout in a clear mountain stream to hungry bass in a meandering river. Whether you're casting during a sporadic hatch or targeting specific rises, this fly is bound to become an indispensable part of your dry fly arsenal. With Umpqua's reputation for quality and durability, you can trust that each Flyer Dry Fly will withstand the rigors of repeated casts and strikes.

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