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Umpqua Mayer's Mini Leech Jig Radiant Fly

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The Umpqua Mayer's Mini Leech Jig Radiant Fly is an innovative take on the traditional leech pattern, offering a jig-style hook that ensures a lifelike presentation and effective snag resistance. Designed by the accomplished angler Landon Mayer, this fly is a testament to his deep understanding of what triggers fish to bite. Available in sizes 12, 14, and 16, this fly is versatile enough to target a wide range of freshwater species, from trout to panfish, in a variety of water conditions.

The radiant variant of Mayer's Mini Leech features a unique blend of colors that catch the light and mimic the subtle iridescence of natural leeches. This added visual appeal is especially effective in clear water or when fish are feeding selectively. The jig hook design not only reduces the likelihood of bottom snags but also allows the fly to ride hook point up, minimizing harm to fish and making it an excellent choice for catch-and-release anglers.

With its balanced size ranging from approximately ½ inch to ¾ inch in length (depending on the hook size), this fly presents a realistic leech profile without being too intimidating for smaller fish. Its construction combines durability with a natural movement in the water, ensuring that each cast has the potential to entice a strike. Whether you're fishing a still lake or a flowing stream, the Mayer's Mini Leech Jig Radiant Fly is a must-have in your fly box for its effectiveness and versatility.

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