Umpqua Mini Hankey Mouse Fly

Umpqua Mini Hankey Mouse Fly

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The Hickman's Mini Hankey, presented in size 4, is a standout pattern within the world of steelhead and salmon flies, meticulously developed by the innovative fly tier Jerry Hickman. This fly is specifically crafted to target the elusive and powerful species found in river systems, offering a compact yet highly effective design that mimics the natural prey of these fish.

With its size 4 hook, the Mini Hankey is perfectly sized to appeal to a wide range of fish sizes, from aggressive juveniles to more cautious mature fish. The design focuses on replicating the subtle movements and silhouette of aquatic insects and small fish fry, featuring a blend of natural and synthetic materials that come together to create a lifelike appearance in the water. The fly's action in the current is designed to trigger instinctual strikes, making it an invaluable tool for anglers pursuing steelhead and salmon.

Whether swinging through deep runs or floating over shallows, Hickman's Mini Hankey in size 4 is an essential pattern for any fly angler looking to increase their catch rate. Its combination of size, realism, and movement makes it a versatile option capable of enticing strikes in a variety of conditions and waters.

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