Umpqua Skipper Frog

Umpqua Skipper Frog

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Dahlberg's Skipper Frog is a topwater fly designed by Larry Dahlberg, known for its effectiveness in attracting bass and other predatory fish. This fly is characterized by its realistic frog design, complete with kicking legs that simulate the movement of a frog swimming across the surface. The Dahlberg's Skipper Frog is particularly useful in areas with heavy vegetation or lily pads, where its weedless design allows it to glide over obstructions without snagging.

The key features of this fly include its buoyant body that ensures it stays on the surface and its durable materials that can withstand bites from aggressive fish. The action of the fly, when retrieved, creates a noticeable disturbance on the water, mimicking a distressed frog and triggering strikes from predators lurking below. This fly is a favorite among anglers who specialize in topwater fishing, offering both an exciting visual spectacle and effective fishing results.

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