2022 WI Northern Opener Report

Earlier this year, while we were packing and unpacking the booth up for tradeshow season, we hatched a plan to go on a true GIANT hunt for Northern Opener. Something totally out of our comfort zone and perhaps not so suitable for fly fishing...

For most of us, opener consists of a small river adventure or at the very least going to our favorite spot for the first cast of the year. This year we were foolish enough to be up for a new challenge…

We headed north to some big and unfamiliar water for a short, but hopefully successful, encounter with a world record class fish! The forecast looked juuuust perfect for fly fishing...20mph steady wind all day and for each day we would be there...

Days 1 and 2 were about finding the pattern and adjusting our tactics accordingly, especially with the wind. We were finding fish and the big ones we were after, but we could not get them to eat. After 2 dozen encounters, no eats, and barely making it off the water without a hook stuck in our backs, we packed it in. Most of the crew had to head back after the 2 days but Rowan and Gabe stayed to put one in the bag!

On day 3, they were able to figure out the trigger and got this absolutely beaut of a 50 to commit in the figure 8 on a fly. Does it get any better than that?!?

The key was speeding up the erratic presentation and looking for a reactionary strike, something flies were able to execute perfectly on the big water. It led to less encounters, but the one they did find was fired up enough to eat! HUGE congrats to Rowan for the incredible fish and for powering through some tough conditions with the fly rod!

Stay tuned for more Musky Fool adventures this season! And be sure to give us a shout if you want to get in the boat with one of these fools in 2022 - it's off to a pretty great start!

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