Est. 2020
Founded in Wisconsin

Musky Fool Fly Fishing Co. was founded in Wisconsin by husband and wife, Dan and Jenn Donovan. Originally, the first one-stop online shop for all things musky on the fly, Musky Fool has quickly grown to a full-service fly shop and platform for the warmwater fly angler. Our mission is to protect the native trophy waters we call home. Together we stand a chance to keep these places wild and free.

The Maddening

For us and our freshwater ecosystems, it all starts with the Muskellunge, the top predator and our state fish here in Wisconsin. Yet, what makes our fisheries so special is their diversity…from trout to bass, carp, pike, panfish, walleye and more. By focusing our attention on the Muskellunge, we have confidence our impact will positively affect the entire watershed.

We fish for them because there is no other freshwater fish that can snap our lines, bend our hooks, or create legends our grandfathers tell us about around the campfire. Some may call us mad, crazy, or downright foolish. That's how we know we're on the right track.