Brick & Mortar Fly Shop opening Spring 2022



We recently purchased an incredible building so that we could bring the Musky Fool brand to life and bring you a full service (all species!) fly shop in the greater Madison, WI area. We will be located right on Main Street in Waunakee, Wisconsin!

But it’s so much more than just opening a shop…

For us and our freshwater ecosystems - it all starts with the Muskellunge, the top predator and our state fish here in Wisconsin. Yet what makes our fisheries so special is their diversity….trout, bass, carp, pike, panfish, walleye, and more. Our mission is to use Musky Fool as a platform to celebrate just that and to ensure that our freshwater ecosystems are healthy, starting with its top predator. Your continued support allows us all to have a much greater impact.

Soon we will be able to give that vision a home in the four walls of this beautiful historical building. Stay tuned for more details and follow along as we document the journey. Oh and we should mention… there’s a brewery across the street gonna be a wicked launch party!!! We can’t wait for this next chapter!!


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