The Musky Fly Rod Drought

The year is 2021. After massive global supply chain disruption there are no more musky fly rods left on planet Earth. Musky fly anglers have taken to the streets with pitchforks and 6/0 hooks…

This would have been the start to our bestselling graphic novel but lucky for us, two beloved small companies have saved the day and we won’t have to live through the musky fly rod drought of 2021. Let there be light!

In all is bleak out there if you are looking for a new fly rod right now, especially a musky fly rod, some of which are the last off the production line for the major fly rod companies. We don’t want to bash them...they make great products and are dealing with major supply chain shortages impacting their production. What we would prefer to do is use this time of major musky fly rod shortages to highlight two small companies that we love who are making great products that are IN STOCK now with no major supply chain issues. We are a small business ourselves and we are grateful for those who choose to support us over other big brands. We try to do the same when we purchase our own fishing equipment. This is always a good option, but right now it is the best and only option many will have when it comes to buying a quality musky fly rod. 

Over the next several weeks as we head into opening day of musky season in Wisconsin, we are going to shine a spotlight on two companies you should consider when making your next rod purchase. You may or may not have heard of them - Whuff Rod Co. owned and operated by Dave Huff and Chippewa River Custom Rod Co. owned and operated by Tom Schenk. Both absolutely stand up gentlemen who have quietly been gaining support from the musky community and producing 2 of the best musky fly rods on the market. 

So stay tuned over the next few weeks as we post interviews with each owner, answer questions, and maybe...just maybe, do a sweet giveaway ;) 

In the meantime, go give @whuffrodco and @chippewarivercustomrod a follow on Instagram or Facebook!

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