Reck-n-Rack Fly Box
Reck-n-Rack Fly Box
Reck-n-Rack Fly Box
Reck-n-Rack Fly Box

Reck-n-Rack Fly Box

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Reck-n-Rack is a local Wisconsin company that we started to work with in 2021 to design a solid fly storage system tailored to anglers looking for a large boat box option. The folks at Reck-n-Rack have this dialed and are finally ready to share it with us Musky Fools!

The Reck-n-Rack Fly Box is made out of Seabord and Polycarbonate plastic that will stand the test of time. They are wipeable and slime resistant. These boxes will protect your flies from being smashed in your plastic fly boxes, will keep the organized, and allow them to properly hang dry. Each fly has its own notch. These boxes have vent holes on the base of them to improve air flow and prevent rusting of your lures. 

These boxes are also setup for several additional accessories.

Each fly rack is removable for easy access and for leveraging the Reck-n-Rack Fly Organizer for additional storage.

There are pre-drilled holes for the Tool Holder accessories to be easily added to the outside.

Lastly, there are two full slots on the right and left side of the box. If you would like some additional gear storage in your box beyond flies, you can add a divider or two in the place of one of the fly racks.

Size: 24" L x 10.5" W x 12.25" H

Weighs 15lb empty 

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