Ross Evolution R Salt Reel
Ross Evolution R Salt Reel
Ross Evolution R Salt Reel
Ross Evolution R Salt Reel
Ross Evolution R Salt Reel

Ross Evolution R Salt Reel

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The Ross Reels Evolution R Salt is a pinnacle of fly fishing reel engineering, designed to provide the utmost in durability, performance, and smoothness for saltwater anglers. This reel series is meticulously crafted to stand up to the harshest environments while delivering the finesse required for delicate presentations. Below is an overview of the Evolution R Salt series, highlighting the available sizes, weight, and backing capacity. Please note, specific details may vary and it's recommended to consult the latest product specifications for the most accurate information.

The Evolution R Salt series is available in several sizes to accommodate a wide range of fishing conditions and target species, from bonefish and permit to tarpon and GTs. Common sizes in the lineup include:

  • 7/8: Ideal for lighter saltwater applications, suitable for bonefish, smaller permit, and similar species.
  • 9/10: A versatile size for a broader range of saltwater species, including larger bonefish, permit, and smaller tarpon.
  • 11/12: Designed for the biggest saltwater game, this size is perfect for tarpon, GTs, and other large predators.

The weight of the Evolution R Salt reels is engineered to balance perfectly with modern fly rods, providing a comfortable fishing experience without sacrificing the strength needed for big fish. The exact weight will depend on the reel size, with larger sizes being heavier to accommodate the increased line and backing capacity required for larger species.

  • 7/8 Weight: Approximately 7.5 ounces (varies by specific model and design updates).
  • 9/10 Weight: Around 8.2 ounces, offering a solid feel without being overly heavy.
  • 11/12 Weight: Typically around 8.8 ounces, ensuring durability and strength for big game fishing.

Backing Capacity:
The backing capacity of the Evolution R Salt reels is generous, ensuring anglers have the necessary reserve to handle long runs from fast and powerful fish. Each size is designed to hold ample backing along with the appropriate fly line.

  • 7/8 Capacity: Can vary but generally accommodates around 200 yards of 20 lb backing with a standard weight-forward fly line.
  • 9/10 Capacity: Designed to hold approximately 250 yards of 30 lb backing, providing peace of mind when targeting larger species.
  • 11/12 Capacity: Offers the capacity for over 300 yards of 30 lb backing, essential for the longest runs from the largest fish.

The Ross Reels Evolution R Salt series sets a high standard for saltwater fly fishing reels, offering a combination of strength, precision, and reliability. Its fully sealed drag system, robust construction, and thoughtful design make it a top choice for serious saltwater anglers seeking the best performance in the most demanding conditions.

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