Umpqua Big Fish Deceiver
Umpqua Big Fish Deceiver

Umpqua Big Fish Deceiver

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Introducing the Umpqua Big Fish Deceiver Fly, the ultimate weapon in your fly fishing arsenal, designed specifically for landing the giants of both freshwater and saltwater. This enhanced version of the classic Deceiver, originally developed by fly fishing icon Lefty Kreh, is optimized for targeting trophy fish like pike, musky, tarpon, and big striped bass. Crafted with premium materials for unmatched durability and lifelike action, the Big Fish Deceiver features a larger profile and more vivid colors to attract the biggest predators. Its robust construction withstands aggressive strikes, ensuring your success in challenging conditions. Available in a range of colors including key patterns like black, red/white, and pure white, this fly is a must-have for serious anglers aiming for serious fish. Elevate your game with Umpqua's Big Fish Deceiver Fly – the proven choice for anglers dedicated to the thrill of landing the catch of a lifetime.

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