Umpqua Bug Locker Waterproof Large

Umpqua Bug Locker Waterproof Large

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The Umpqua Bug Locker Waterproof Large is an essential for anglers seeking organization and protection for their flies. Designed to keep your fly collection dry and secure, this rugged box is crafted with a waterproof seal, ensuring that your flies remain in prime condition, no matter the weather conditions you encounter on the water.

With ample space, the large size accommodates a variety of flies, from tiny midges to larger streamers, making it a versatile choice for any fishing trip. The clear lid allows for easy identification of contents, saving precious time on the water. Its durable construction withstands the rigors of outdoor use, while the secure latch prevents accidental openings.

Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater anglers, the Umpqua Bug Locker Waterproof Large is a reliable storage solution that ensures your best flies are always ready for action. Whether wading through streams or cruising on a boat, this bug locker is a smart investment for any serious fly fisherman.

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