Umpqua Coyote Spawn Shrimp Fly

Umpqua Coyote Spawn Shrimp Fly

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The Umpqua Coyote Spawn Shrimp Fly is a dynamic and versatile pattern designed to mimic the natural appearance and erratic motion of a spawning shrimp. This innovative fly is a game-changer for targeting species like bonefish, permit, and redfish on the flats, where realism and precision are paramount. Its unique design features a blend of natural and synthetic materials that create a lifelike silhouette and movement in the water, provoking aggressive strikes from fish keyed in on shrimp. The Coyote Spawn Shrimp incorporates elements such as translucent materials to mimic the vulnerable state of shrimp during their spawn, making it irresistible to predatory fish. Available in a range of sizes and colors, this fly can be adapted to match local conditions and shrimp populations, ensuring anglers have the right tool for clear, shallow waters. Durable and thoughtfully crafted, the Coyote Spawn Shrimp is essential for anglers looking to capitalize on the feeding habits of their target species.

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