Umpqua U202 Hooks
Umpqua U202 Hooks

Umpqua U202 Hooks

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The U202 is a curved, short-shank hook similar in principle to the ever-popular TMC2487, but with heavy wire for added strength. A great base for many worms, scuds, caddis pupae, and egg flies, The U202 features a down eye in a classic bronze finish. This hook is part of Umpqua’s U-series of hooks, offering the serious fly tyer a value-based hook alternative to the current offerings on the market. U-series hooks feature high grade carbon steel, micro barbs for easy penetration and de-barbing, along with a logical numbering system for hook use identification.

-        Nymphs

-        1X Short

-        1X Strong

-        Curved

-        Down Eye

-        Bronze

-        #6-#20

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