Rite Bobbin 3" Magnum

Rite Bobbin 3" Magnum

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Long shank bobbin for heavy leverage tying!

Big musky flies, deceivers, clousers, surf candy, some of those old classic New England streamers -- these are all patterns that sometimes call for longer shanked hooks and lots of leverage while using high strength threads like Big Fly and GSP. For that reason, we developed the Mag bobbin, giving you that extended reach that can be critical to the success of some of these beefier patterns.

We've also heard that some rod builders use this bobbin, and that it accommodates some of the most popular rod-building threads like Gudebrod and Dynacord.


  • Heavy duty! Designed for big fly tying applications.

  • Extra long, 5" fly tying bobbin for leverage and big hooks

  • Large diameter thread tube, accommodates threads as large as medium chenille

  • Becoming popular as a rod-winding tool. Accommodates Gudebrod rod thread and Dynacord.

  • Heavy duty click drag system, 2-16 ounces of thread tension

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